General Assembly

Every year, the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) hosts a General Assembly (GA) conference where like-minded folks gather from all around the globe to meet and discuss hot Jewish topics. The designs and illustrations were inspired by road trips and certain elements of L.A. Responsibilities varied from branding, illustrations, digital, print and environmental.

Creative Director: Mooki Saltzman

Graphic Designers: Champa Lo & Marcea Decker

Illustrations: Champa Lo




Digital Components

Animated banner GIFS, email templates and digital ad banners.

 Email + digital banners

Email + digital banners

Environmental Designs

Designing for the environment is amazing because people have to actually look at your designs. As the designer, you have to design in a way that makes the information clear, concise and at the right height. And of course, while still being fun. 

Layer 1.jpg

Stage design

Illustrations for the stage were not done by me, but by another very talented illustrator. However, I did work backstage during the conference ;D