General Assembly 2018 Teaser Site

This teaser website was to entice current conference goers in 2017 to attend the conference in Tel Aviv in 2018. The challenge here was to show two events of the same importance on one site. To ensure the design was smart and functional, we conducted user testings and we landed with a clever split screen design that was both simple, engaging and to the point.

Creative director: Mooki Saltzman   Graphic Design: Champa Lo & Marcea Decker


Website, desktop & mobile

Lo-fi wireframe and user testing was conducted before launching the site. We had the idea to split the screen to show off both events, but was worried that our users would not understand how to navigate the site. After user testing with INVISION, we were happy to see that people weren't confused at the initial split screen at all.


When user first enters the site, they receive a pop-up promo to get users to pre-register. 


User chooses between two options to see full details.


After testing, we discovered people really wanted easier access to 'Contact Us' to get more information about the event. Since we wanted the site to be as minimal as possible, we designed the 'Contact Us' button to stay at the bottom of the browser. When clicked on, the contact form appears.



Mobile site has easy access to register and 'Contact Us'.