Google Local Guide Pins

What’s more fun than getting swag? …Getting to design it ;)

For our Local Guides events, we wanted to hand out a unique swag to our users to show our appreciation. We wanted the swag to be personal to the community and as well as something our users could take around the cities they explore. Enamel pins were a great solution because they’re fun, conversational, collectable and they can wear these around like a badge of honor.

Designs: Champa Lo


We designed 4 pins that were inspired by the program. There are specific categories that a user can contribute to in order to gain more points in the program. The 4 categories we decided to highlight were: Reviews, Photos, Edits to a review and someone who constantly contributes to the program.


We handed these pins out during our Local Guides events and LGs were ecstatic. As these pins were handed out on a basis of how much they have actually contributed to the categories, LGs were excited to see which pins they had or had not earned. Pins encouraged them to step up to categories they might have been slightly neglecting.